Art empowers us because it validates the narrative of the individual who appreciates it.
-- Steve Herring

  The story of a work of art is never fixed, never static.  Art changes as it is perceived by different people in different contexts.  The meaning, or story derived from any work of art will be differently interpreted by different people at different times.  This is why art is so positive and so empowering. All of these different interpretations comprise the narrative within the object of art. 

  If we learn how to recognize and to read the value of everyday objects we will benefit in many ways from growing to understand the meaning of the material world. Knowing and appreciating the deeper meaning guides us to understand our personal narratives.  This in turn helps us to understand and appreciate the people around us. We are completely surrounded in every moment by works of art.  If we choose not to recognize and appreciate these works of art, we choose social and intellectual poverty.  If we choose to appreciate them and to interpret them, we choose a wealth of experience and imagination. 

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