Creative Salvage Designs

Chris- Tech savvy heavyweight, Social Media expert, organic marketing Pioneer, frequent guest artist 

Peter- Demolition king, scrap and recycle Expert, reverse engineer specialist, dedicated team anchor

Cathy- Expert reclaimer, Superior Designer, Artistic Heroine, and team motivator

Steve- Yale grad, Sustainability expert, master sculptur and brains of the operation

Creative Salvage Designs is a sustainable wholesale business. We sell reclaimed items that would otherwise be discarded (sometimes at auctions and sometimes people pay us to make their unwanted items go away). We recycle, restore, reclaim, scrap and salvage every bit.

These objects also have a story to tell based on their history and use. Creative Salvage is a reclamation center, in Downtown Tarboro NC, run by Cathy, Steve and Peter Herring. 

We are a family devoted to sustainable practices in saving wasted resources and preserving the stories of cast away objects. Our art, design, sculpture and painting seeks to tell these stories and to inspire others to value things that are commonly overlooked.